Wax paper or 'paraffin paper' is water and grease repellent and is used in the most diverse sectors. From the food industry to the metal industry.

Wax paper: grease- and water-repellent

Wax paper or 'refined paper' is created by paraffinizing kraft paper. With a special coating we give the paper grease-and water-repellent properites.

You can choose between brown or white refined paper:

White wax paper is suitable for the food sector. This protects your products. It also doesn't stick to the food, because it is made from vegetable oil.

Brown wax paper is used, among other things, in the metal industry. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it ensures that oiled or greased parts can be wrapped without making any spots or tearing the paper. This paper is not suitable for the food industry.


Water and grease repellent
Longer freshness of products
Does not stick

Technical specifications

waxed paper, refined paper, paraffin paper
Gram weight
White: 50 + 20gr/m² wax
Brown: 70 + 20gr/m² wax

Small roles


Sheets or another format on demand.

Food Approved